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OMG! You Made It - Hi! 

Hello and Welcome to this Crazy Bat Lady's blog that is not at all about bats. I'm Angie, resident bat lover, wife to a dead sexy and supportive man hunk and mom to three gloriously unique, free spirited while sometimes challenging spawn. While juggling this life, I've been a small business owner. I should say multiple businesses, some successful, some flops and some still growing. Once upon a time, my husband said "even if we have ten businesses that make 10k a year...." can't remember the rest, and here we are. Two successful businesses, and some side hustles that are promising and up and coming. I've always been a creative (know who won the local sidewalk chalk art contest when she was seven? This gal.) and I always knew I wanted to be home with the kids while doing something artsy. Guess what? Thats exactly what I'm doing.

You may be thinking, "wow she won a sidewalk chalk art contest", sometimes I wonder how too. But besides that, this blog is here for you. I've learned the up and downs of small businesses from scratch, and you can too. I promise. I'm bringing it with life lessons, tools to succeed like DIY hacks and shortcuts, networking, social media, marketing all while delivering quirky randomness. If I can do it with three kids and an executive functioning disorder, you can too! Throughout this blog my family will be working towards our goals of financial freedom from the 9 to 5 (we're still working towards it) and living mortgage free. I'll even talk about what it's like to run a creative business while coping with mental illness and how much self care and boundaries matter.

As we grow, I'll add some fun links of our most popular blogs and some neat freebies in here. Also, that bit about the sidewalk chalk art contest? Well, I hope you realized that this blog is meant to be pretty silly. So follow along to learn how to navigate through a creatively chaotic life, I pinky promise it's worth it.

You're the best. Go do sh*t. - Gary Vanerchuk

Side walk chalk art text that reads broken crayons still color